Monday, April 15, 2024
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Binance extends law enforcement training to PH agencies

As the world’s largest blockchain ecosystem, Binance will benefit from closer relations with the PNP, CICC, and other cybersecurity agencies.

47-million RDP cyberattacks thwarted in SE Asia: Kaspersky

The Bruteforce.Generic.RDP attacks were mostly aimed at remote workers, highlighting pandemic-induced cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Mobile banking Trojans threaten Asian smartphone users: Kaspersky

Asians’ close relationships with their smartphones makes them particularly vulnerable to mobile banking Trojans.

BSP to deploy cybersecurity monitoring tool for banks

The BSP said it recently completed the Advanced SupTech Engine for Risk-Based Compliance (ASTERisC*), which will soon be deployed among selected BSP Supervised Financial Institutions (BSFIs).

PH companies 3rd most-extorted worldwide by ransomware

Philippine companies paid $1.6 billion on average through the nose for ransomware attacks in 2022, making the country the third most-extorted by ransomware in the world next only to Japan and the Netherlands, according to cybersecurity firm Sophos.

5-million Pinoys victims of identity theft, says new study

However, the cost of increased security is oftentimes frustration and disengagement on the part of consumers.

Microsoft warns against growing ransomware economy

Microsoft explained that the RaaS economy provides even malicious users with little technical expertise access to ransomware payloads, data leakage, and payment infrastructure. Cybercriminals can buy and use multiple RaaS programs such as Conti or REvil, and switch between them as needed. This market for ransomware services has created an entire industry with its own middlemen, including brokers and other specialized roles.

Trend Micro One platform now available to PH customers

Enterprise security software provider Trend Micro announced the official entry of its unified cybersecurity platform ‘Trend Micro One’ which will encompass several of the company’s key business segments under one umbrella platform.   

PH gov’t urged to boost cyber-resiliency to support digital economy

A new study from e-security firm Kaspersky is urging the Philippines to take a more active stance in prioritizing cybersecurity against the backdrop of constantly evolving cyber threats.

BSP asks banks to remove links in e-mail, SMS advisories to customers

The BSP urged banks instead to personalize SMS messages and emails for banking services and implement mandatory notifications for fund transfers exceeding a predefined amount.
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