Thursday, May 23, 2024

Cybersecurity infra underway to boost gov’t digitalization, says Marcos

Pres. Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday, Jan. 17, said the government has stepped up efforts to establish a cybersecurity infrastructure, a crucial part of his administration’s push to digitalize the bureaucracy.

Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
Photo from Presidential Communications Office

Marcos made the remark in an open forum at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland, where he touted the government’s digitalization initiative and improvements in bureaucratic efficiency.

“The security has become a huge issue… that’s what we are trying to design now, a cybersecurity system for this sensitive information,” the president said.

Noting the country’s slow Internet connectivity, Marcos said the government needs to do better in terms of connecting millions of Filipinos and revving up initiatives to advance the digital economy.

“The connectivity in the Philippines is still pretty low. And it’s unfortunate because some of the studies we’ve made, the general consumer, if you want to call them that, talks to every facet of their lives through the internet, except for government,” he pointed out.

Because of this, local governments have stepped in to ensure Internet connectivity infrastructures are in place to reach Filipinos in the regions, Marcos said.

“So, local governments, and some agencies within the national government, would really take on the initiative and started their own systems so as to be able to communicate… So this has now got to be consolidated and put together,” Marcos pointed out.

“And that’s where we are right now: forming the databases for government, forming the databases that can be used by the national ID, [and] establishing it now,” said the chief executive.

Marcos said he has ordered to speed up the digitalization of the National Identification (ID) system that could be used for public and private transactions.


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