Sunday, April 14, 2024
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data sharing

PEZA, BOC ink data-sharing deal on e-transfer systems  

The data-sharing agreement now allows PEZA to have access in tracking, monitoring, and auditing the location and condition of cargoes, as well as obtain real-time alarms on diversion and tampering of cargoes.

Pinoys most comfortable with data sharing across Asia Pacific: study

In the Philippines, consumers are particularly inclined to favor personalized experiences – ranking first in Asia Pacific, along with general receptiveness towards data sharing.

Banks told to observe privacy protection in anti-fraud data sharing initiatives

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) said on Tuesday, July 27, that anti-fraud data sharing initiatives of the financial services industry must eliminate potential risks on the personal data of data subjects.

Globe intros ‘first’ shareable data promo with Share&Surf249

Dubbed as the “first-in-the-market innovation”, the Share&Surf249 promo comes with a 20GB data allocation that can be shared by up to four people and devices.
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