Saturday, April 13, 2024
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PH’s tech readiness ranking to climb, The Economist report says

?We expect particularly strong jumps in access in India, the Philippines, Ecuador, and Malaysia,? said the Economist Intelligence Unit report.

Survey: Real digital transformation means future-proofing biz model

IDC said that while rising costs represent a real worry, it is a backward way of looking at the power of digital transformation.

Companies should disrupt themselves now, top Oracle PH exec says

Organizations should undertake due diligence in their entire security and management because breaches and outages could cost them a lot of money and effort.

Allianz unveils strategy to attract more customers in digital economy

Its Allianz-as-a-Service offers products and services through open APIs (application programming interface) to leverage many technologies, among them Internet of Things (IoT) or blockchain.

DOST, PH startup in deal to build disaster-resilient homes

Revolution, an online platform that sells prefabricated designer, custom homes across the world, connects developers and real estate buyers.

Pia Wurtzbach recalls big role of social media in winning Miss U crown

A model and actress, Pia Wurtzbach acknowledged having her worst and best experiences on social media.

Failure to innovate means certain death, says tech icon Guy Kawasaki

?Do not ask customers? was the very first lesson he said he learned.

Filipinos should embrace — not fear — AI, expert says

A top investment executive said AI can be leveraged to train people better for the long term, especially in the light of the projected job losses, especially in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

AI may soon take over BPO jobs in PH, DOST execs says

Even if the Philippines doesn?t do anything, new innovations from AI, data science, and space technology will eventually become the norm, the DOST official said during the meeting at the WVSU.

PH must embrace tech disruption, innovation to stay competitive

To meet these digital challenges and take the first step towards digital transformation, businesses big and small must select the right partner to work with.
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