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Companies should disrupt themselves now, top Oracle PH exec says

By Edd K. Usman

Companies should no longer waste any more time in deciding when to undertake their digital transformation. They should do disrupt themselves now lest they be left behind.

Oracle PH country marketing director Mina Lim
Oracle PH country managing director Mina Lim

A Filipino female executive of Oracle in the Philippines made these remarks, emphasizing the urgency of riding on the technological tide sweeping business organizations across the globe.

However, as with any digital journey, digital transformation takes investment of time, effort, and people. ?Businesses must determine what they want, how they want it, and when they want it, then start planning its priorities, said Mina Lim, country managing director of Oracle.

The Oracle executive said her company is ready to assist enterprises go digital? and will be them in their journey all the way?. ?We have the expertise, we have the platform, we have the technology,? Lim assured.

Last Nov. 10, Oracle shared a host of its new services in the Philippines, including what it described as the IT industry’s “first cloud-native, intelligent security and management suite.” Oracle earlier launched ?the services ?in the recent 2017 Oracle Open World (OOW).

One of the products is called the Oracle Identity Security Operations Center (SOC) portfolio of services in tandem with Oracle Management Cloud. Oracle claims its products cuts the detection window very significantly.

?This new set of integrated suites will help enterprise, forecast, reduce, detect, and resolve cybersecurity threats and assist in efforts to remediate applications and infrastructure performance issues,” the company said in a statement.

The security products leverages artificial intelligence in both analysis of a unified data set made up of the full breadth of security and operational telemetry, including provision of automated remediation.

In this way, the company’s integrated suite gives customers the ability to quickly adapt their security and operational posture in tune with their risk landscape.

The suite is an application of machine learning and carries with it the potential to ?help thwart attacks, reduce the detection window from months to minutes, and more quickly address security breaches and performance outages.?

Prakash Ramamurthy, senior vice president for security and management at Oracle, also ?called attention to the sophistication of cyber threats.??

As a result, he suggested that organizations should undertake due diligence in their entire security and management because breaches and outages could cost them a lot of money and effort.

?Our goal was to make this process as seamless as possible for customers by building a powerful, cloud-native suite that marries a comprehensive, unified data tier with intelligence provided by purpose-built machine learning. The suite provides value in minutes, and can scale to become the nerve center of an enterprise’s security and management efforts,? he said.

The company’s new services in its application development portfolio includes Container Native Application Development Platform; Blockchain Cloud Service; expansion of Mobile Cloud portfolio; and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform Cloud Service.


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