Friday, June 14, 2024
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Report shows DITO trumping Globe, Smart in mobile metrics

The latest report from mobile metrics firm Opensignal has shown DITO as the most awarded operator, winning 10 out of 14 awards outright and being a joint winner alongside Globe across a further two awards.

Local telcos ink pact with IPOPHL to put up site-blocking mechanism against pirate sites

The MOU's primary objective is to establish a voluntary site-blocking practice against the unauthorized distribution and sale of pirated content over the Internet and set an example for other stakeholders who are not yet signatories to the agreement.

Globe, Dito join new $300-million Asia subsea cable system

The planned Asia Link Cable (ALC) will be approximately 6,000 kilometers in length, connecting Hong Kong and Singapore as its trunk, with branches into the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam and Hainan, China.

DITO signs up ZTE to power Batangas data center

ZTE looks to share its end-to-end expertise in the construction of the data center, including iDCIM and micro-module technology.

DITO hits 12-M subscribers ahead of schedule

DITO Telecommunity announced that it had hit its target of 12 million subscribers months ahead of its end-2022 deadline.

Smart joins fray, says DITO’s complaint at PCC meant to avoid penalty for fraudulent calls

In a statement on Tuesday, Aug. 8, Smart Communications vice president for regulatory affairs Roy Ibay said DITO’s complaint is diversionary tactic to escape liability on the fines imposed by the government for its fraudulent voice traffic.

Dito says AFP deal will not lead to Chinese espionage

Dito also brushed off suspicions that China has control of the new telco, which is majority-owned by Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy, a close friend of President Duterte.
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