Monday, May 27, 2024

Report shows DITO trumping Globe, Smart in mobile metrics

The latest report from mobile metrics firm Opensignal has shown DITO as the most awarded operator, winning 10 out of 14 awards outright and being a joint winner alongside Globe across a further two awards.

“DITO’s strong showing is impressive, given that it only launched commercial services back in March 2021. This means that DITO has had less time to roll out its network than its more established rivals, which helps explain why it trails for both coverage experience metrics,” said the report, which was released on Tuesday, April 30.

DITO was the new outright winner of the overall Download Speed Experience award — ending Smart’s impressive winning streak. DITO won this time around with a score of 32Mbps, well ahead of Smart’s 28.1Mbps.

The Dennis Uy-owned telco was also the new outright winner of the on-demand Video Experience — knocking Globe off the winner’s podiums.

In addition, DITO and Globe are joint winners of the 5G Video Experience award, due to a statistical tie. Similarly, DITO retained the Games Experience award from the previous report and now shares the 5G Games Experience award with Globe.

DITO retained the Upload Speed Experience award from the previous report and is the new winner of the 5G Download Speed and 5G Upload Speed awards.

Globe, meanwhile, won the Coverage Experience award outright for the second report in a row. It does so this time with a score of 7.2 points and a minimal margin of victory over Smart.

Smart, for its part, continues to win the 5G Coverage Experience award, doing so this time with a score of 1.4 points on a 10-point scale — more than double that of second-placed Globe and over five times higher than the 5G Coverage Experience of our DITO users.

5G Coverage Experience measures the extent of 5G mobile networks in the places people live, work and travel.


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