Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Pinoy-built Diwata-2 microsatellite marks 4th year in space

Since 2018, the second 50-kilogram Earth observation microsatellite of the Philippines has captured over 112,049 images around the world and covered 94.03% or 282,088 km² of the Philippine landmass.

DOST space tech launched to improve weather forecasting

The Iloilo Ground Receiving Station (GRS), the most recent addition to the country's space infrastructure, has successfully communicated with the Diwata-2 microsatellite, thereby furthering the country's long-term objective of expanding its nascent space technology sector.

Pinoy-made Diwata-2 microsatellite marks 2nd year in space

In its two-year journey, the Diwata-2 microsatellite has captured 32,256 images, including a wide-field camera image of Typhoon Ambo on May 12, 2020, two days before it made landfall in the country when it was still a tropical storm.

PH marks first year of Diwata-2 micro-satellite in space

Deployed into the 600-km Sun-Synchronous Orbit on October 29, 2018, Diwata-2 is the country’s third satellite sent to space, following the 50-kg micro-satellite Diwata-1 (deployed to space April 27, 2016) and the 1-kg nano-satellite Maya-1 (deployed on June 29, 2018).

PH marks new milestone as Diwata-2 micro-satellite hurls into space

Signaling the growth of the country's space program, the Philippines posted another milestone on Monday, October 29, after sending the Diwata-2 micro-satellite into space.
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