Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Jam Jacob

INCOGNITO | Are credit card details sensitive personal information?

If credit card details sensitive personal information, where is it in the Data Privacy Act (DPA) — the country’s data protection law — does it say that?

INCOGNITO | Why EU standard contractual clauses matter for PH companies

If your organization has peers based in the European Union (EU) and their relationship involves the transfer of personal data originating from that region, you should take note of the new set of standard contractual clauses (SCCs) adopted last June by the European Commission (EC).

INCOGNITO | Use photos responsibly

Are there legal remedies available to a person whose “intimate photo” while dining at a restaurant is posted in a social media platform accompanied by a “derisive caption"?

INCOGNITO | Data protection in humanitarian work

Humanitarian work entails data protection work. Let’s make sure that is always the case.

NPC: Police have no blanket power to access data of persons in custody of gov’t agency

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has warned the Philippine National Police that it does not have unbridled access to the personal information of people even if these data are lodged with another government agency.

INCOGNITO | A most unwelcome request

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has remained tight-lipped on the issue of the controversial “request” of the Calbayog City Police Station asking for the names of lawyers representing “Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) personalities”.

INCOGNITO | Data sharing agreements: who needs them?

In issuing NPC Circular 2020-03 just a couple of days before Christmas last year, the National Privacy Commission basically sounded the death knell for Data Sharing Agreements (DSAs), which are a key feature of the Commission’s very own Data Privacy Accountability and Compliance Checklist.

INCOGNITO | If lists could kill

Governments and their lists can be very dangerous. History has shown us that. If data protection offers neither refuge nor relief from them, then everything it is supposed to stand for would simply ring hollow.

INCOGNITO | What’s up with our contact tracing apps?

When the contact tracing czar offers the view that contact tracing in the country is still weak today — nearly nine months into this public health crisis — no one is the least bit surprised, and the government only has itself to blame.

INCOGNITO | Privacy in the digital environment

We must make sure technology enhances our rights, instead of undermining them. True progress, after all, should never be at the expense of our fundamental rights.
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