Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Nearly 2-in-10 in SEA share news on social media before verifying if true

When users are sharing information without giving it any thought, it is quite likely that they are motivated by the prospect of presenting themselves as updated and well-informed netizens.

Study: 37% of millennials think they’re boring to be victims of cybercrime

Online security tops the charts as the most important factor for millennials looking to find their “Digital Comfort Zones” at home, despite the fact that over a third of them (37%) think they’re boring to be the victim of cybercrime, a new study by Kaspersky showed.

Survey: 40% of Gen Z employees regret accepting job offer

Flexibility and development opportunities are critical to appealing to the digitally native employee.

Avaya: We’re now an infra software company

Since its decision to divert from its telecommunication equipment business six years ago, Avaya now claims it has turned into a "major infrastructure software company."
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