Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Google rolls out Ads Transparency Center with release of 2022 Ads Safety Report

In 2022, Google blocked more than 24 million ads and over 300,000 pages were demonetized for promoting harmful health claims regarding Covid-19 and spread misinformation on a host of other topics.

Twitter PH deploys anti-fake news team, suspends 300 accounts linked to Marcos Jr.

Twitter has deployed a specially trained team that includes Filipino language speakers and members well-versed in local contexts to identify malicious actors and review reports related to the May 9 elections.

400,000 videos removed as YouTube intensifies fact-checking ahead of May polls

From February 2021 to January 2022, YouTube removed over 400,000 videos that violated its community guidelines.

PR group unveils client crisis hotline to mitigate rise of online misinformation

To help companies tackle misinformation crises before they escalate and grow, PROI network, a global organization of independent agencies, has announced the roll-out of a dedicated 24-7 client crisis hotline.

Google shares fact-checking tools, tips to help verify vaccine info online

Google PH ties up with new media group FYT to hold webinar on fighting vaccine misinformation online.
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