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DICT: Mislatel expected to start ops after May election

The DICT said it expects the Mislatel consortium to commence operations after the midterm elections, as both the House of Representatives and Senate still need to reconcile provisions of their respective versions of the resolution approving its franchise.

Senate set to vote on Mislatel change of ownership

Sen. Grace Poe said the Senate will vote on Wednesday, February 6, on a measure seeking the transfer of ownership of Mislatel to a consortium recently named by the DICT and NTC as the third telco.

Gov’t formally declares Mislatel as PH’s new telco player

The Mislatel consortium, comprised of Udenna Corporation, Chelsea Holdings, and China Telecom, is officially the country?s new player in the telecommunications market after the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued its ?Confirmation Order? on Monday, November 19.

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