Sunday, July 14, 2024
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motorcycle taxi

‘Move It’ upgrades app to boost standing in motorcycle taxi market

With the backing of its mother firm Grab, motorcycle taxi operator “Move It” is seeking to significantly expand its footprint in the local market with its upgraded mobile app.

Citing ‘overwhelming’ demand, Poe bats for motorcycles-for-hire law

The government’s pilot run motorcycle taxi allowed motorcycle transport network companies (TNC) -- Angkas, JoyRide, and Move It -- to have a combined total cap of 45,000 riders in Metro Manila.

House bill on ‘motorcycles-for-hire’ hurdles second reading

In a big boost to motorcycle ride-hailing apps, the House of Representatives has approved on second reading a proposed law that would allow companies like Angkas to formally operate in the country.

Recto: Allowing motorcyle taxis will save jobs, expand transport options

Sen. Ralph Recto said allowing motorcycle taxis to resume operations is one job-creating public service that will not cost the government a single centavo.

Joint Senate panels approve use of motorcycles as public transport

Signed by 16 senators, Committee Report No. 46 of Senate Bill No. 1341 or The Motorcycles-for-Hire Act now classifies motorcycles-for-hire as among the public utility vehicles regulated by the LTFRB.

PCC favors motorcycles as public transport, ‘multi-homing’ approach

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) on Friday, January 24, officially threw its support behind the use of motorcycle (MC) taxis as a mode of public transportation and the adoption of a “multi-homing” policy to allow drivers to choose which platform to offer their services.

TWG on motorcycle taxis sends mixed signals on pilot run

Despite getting heavily criticized by lawmakers during the Senate hearing on Monday, Jan. 20, the Technical Working Group (TWG) on motorcycle taxis appears firm on its position to terminate its pilot test and apprehend riders from motorcycle-riding apps.
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