Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Oppo F7

Newly launched OPPO F7 is top smartphone in week’s best sellers

Just a couple of weeks after being launched in the Philippines, the OPPO F7 smartphone has landed at the top of the list of MemoXpress' Hot 100 phones last week (April 23 to 29).

Unboxing | Oppo F7 smartphone

After its formal launching, Oppo's newest flagship phone Oppo F7 tallies a record-breaking 37,697 units sold on its April 22 first day sale.

Oppo PH posts record-breaking 37,697 units sold for F7 smartphone

Long lines surfaced as thousands of customers availed of their pre-ordered Oppo F7 smartphone.

Oppo PH formally intros AI-powered F7 smartphone in PH

The all-new, highly anticipated Oppo F7 brings a new standard to smartphone photography with a new 25MP front-facing camera, powered by AI (artificial intelligence) Beauty Technology 2.0 for natural-looking selfies.
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