Monday, April 15, 2024
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owen cammayo

iTHINK | To EV or not? We test the Nissan Leaf to find out

In late August 2022, I was able to experience an EV for the very first time. Here's my take on the Nissan Leaf.

iTHINK | Finding the sweet spot for the perfect omnichannel experience

The omnichannel banking offers the perfect half-way house between digital and a traditional face-to-face banking.

iTHINK | Gratitude beyond Thanksgiving

During these extra challenging times, there are still many things to be grateful for.

iTHINK | Change, reinvention, and standing the test of time

Perhaps the only thing as constant as change is people’s resistance to change.

iTHINK | Not the time to be choosy — go get vaxxed!

While the number of new Covid-19 infections in the country has been decreasing daily, we must still be vigilant.

iTHINK | Has social media warped free speech?

In these times when things can be broadcast to the world with just a few finger taps, it becomes even more important for us to pause and take time to verify things or even to reflect on our own motivations.

iTHINK | Herd immunity: Every shot matters

While social media and the Internet have been wonderful in creating a platform for all opinions to be expressed, I still think that not all opinions are created equal – especially in matters involving technical expertise.

iTHINK | Inclusion and fairness for a better world

Merit, hard work, and integrity. These are the only things that any person — regardless of gender — should be judged by in the workplace.

iTHINK | Modern love: Pandemic tales of love, loneliness, and loss

Love and being cybersecure have a thing in common – it’s both a shared responsibility between the parties involved.

iTHINK | Say no to fake news this new year

“A lot of people share these things with the thought ‘there’s no harm in sharing’ – thinking that if it turns out to be true, then they somehow helped. As good as their intentions may be, sharing false or misleading information can actually be harmful.” – Owen Cammayo
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