Sunday, June 23, 2024

iTHINK | Inclusion and fairness for a better world

March, the International Women’s Month, has just ended and I must say that having seen and read so many tributes to remarkable women who have blazed trails, broken glass ceilings, and made a difference in their chosen fields, it gives me so much hope, as a father to two young girls, that they will be able to pursue the life they want and deserve, without limitations nor judgment.

As men, we have the potential and the opportunity to support this push for a better world — one where there is equality in terms of voice, perspective, opportunities and considerations.

Yes, I am of the firm belief that there is a chance for a truly better world.

At BPI, I have had the honor of working alongside several impressive women leaders, many of whom have been recognized by award-giving bodies for their achievements in their careers and personal lives, and for their great social impacts. I am proud to be part of a bank where employees thrive in their careers through merit, hard work, and integrity.

Merit, hard work and integrity. These are the only things that any person — regardless of gender — should be judged by in the workplace.

To be clear, I advocate for inclusion and fairness in the workplace, more so the latter because being fair means being kind. Being kind means being respectful.  Being respectful means there is trust.  These values if taken into action, creates a culture of collaboration, wherein people are more engaged and productive. The collaborative mindset and behavior ultimately contributes positively to the bottom line.

In my personal life, I live by the same values and beliefs.  I credit and thank my parents for that.  But on the flipside, I’m appalled and strongly against people who use his or her gender to manipulate, deceive, and take advantage of anyone, especially during these extra challenging times.

We are in a deep global crisis and most of us feel anxious and uncertain towards the future. This is the perfect time to be inclusive and fair.

I think it’s not about the gender, rather the character of the person that matters.  If we can just remove the biases and be more open to the good in people, the world can only be better for it.

Let’s celebrate equality every day.

Stay safe everyone!

The author is the vice president and head of corporate affairs & communications of BPI and is concurrently the executive director of BPI Foundation


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