Friday, May 24, 2024
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Palo Alto Networks

Report: PH organizations faced most cybersecurity attacks in Asean

Cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks held a media briefing on Wednesday, Sept. 20, to discuss its recently released 2023 State of Cybersecurity Asean Report, which showed that Philippine organizations weathered the highest number of disruptive attacks across Southeast Asia (SEA) last year.

PH records highest number of disruptive attacks in Asean — study

The report said 29% of local organizations experienced a 50% or more increase in incidents.

VST ECS Phils. inks distribution deal with Palo Alto Networks

With Palo Alto Networks, VST ECS will look to address the challenges enterprises face on-prem and within multi-cloud environments.

ePLDT renews pact with Palo Alto Networks

The partnership aims to support Philippine organizations in achieving both digital transformation and end-to-end cloud security coverage.

Public charging stations may expose Pinoys to ‘juice jack’ attacks, says tech firm

The malware, now on the connected device, can then use seemingly normal notifications to trick people into giving it access.

Cyberattacks across industries escalated sharply last year: report

The survey said in 2022, cybercriminals targeted critical infrastructure with ransomware attacks and they also continued to find new ways to exploit the cryptocurrency boom, hybrid working, and, more recently, unsecured APIs.

PLDT-Smart, Palo Alto block over 1 billion attempts to access child sexual abuse materials

PLDT-Smart worked with cybersecurity firm Palo Alto to produce a first-of-its kind child protection platform that prevents access to known child sexual abuse and exploitation materials.

Survey shows cybersecurity is top business priority in PH, Asean in 2022

As Covid-19 increasingly drives work and leisure activities towards online platforms, Asean organizations predict that the one cybersecurity trend businesses need to pay attention to the most in 2022 will be for cyberattacks to affect personal safety.

Enterprises should take ‘shift-left approach’ to security, says Palo Alto Networks

Cybersecurity provider Palo Alto Networks recently revealed the findings from its threat research team Unit 42 that shed light on the major disconnect between an organization’s perception of their security to the reality of threats that pose great risk and can impact the business catastrophically.

Survey: PH companies have matured attitude on cybersecurity

98% of respondents from the Philippines said they observe the practice of reporting data breaches to authorities, which is done in compliance with guidelines set by the National Privacy Commission (NPC).
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