Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Cyberattacks across industries escalated sharply last year: report

Cyberattacks across industries last year are a sharp escalation to the disruptive threats facing businesses, a survey from Palo Alto Networks said.

Palo Alto Networks regional vice president for Asean Steven Scheurmann

The survey said in 2022, cybercriminals targeted critical infrastructure with ransomware attacks and they also continued to find new ways to exploit the cryptocurrency boom, hybrid working, and, more recently, unsecured APIs. 

According to the company’s ‘What’s Next in Cyber Survey,’ report,  almost all respondents admitted their organization experienced cybersecurity incidents and data breaches in the past year, 11 on average. However, a cause of concern is that only 2 in 5 say their board’s recognition of cyber risk has increased significantly alongside accelerated digitalization strategies.

Palo Alto Networks’ 2023 Asia Pacific cybersecurity predictions feature the top 5 insights from our leaders to help organizations pursue a more secure future. In cybersecurity, predictions are highly relevant because, apart from the attacker’s behaviors, they consider a broad view- from technology to workplace trends and evolving laws and regulations.

 “The fluidity of today’s cyberattacks will require business leaders to reimagine their cybersecurity approach constantly. Leaders must consider innovative solutions, technologies, and approaches that outperform traditional mechanisms. Organizations have much to consider in 2023, but remaining vigilant and aware will empower them to defend against the evolving threats,” said Steven Scheurmann, regional vice president for Asean at Palo Alto Networks.

“From prevention-first Al to adopting Zero Trust strategy and architecture, it will be imperative to adopt the broadest and deepest cyber expertise and threat intelligence into their defenses to stay ahead of the curve. But, more importantly, they must build resiliency to respond and recover from those that inevitably get through,” he added.


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