Friday, May 24, 2024
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3 in 4 at risk of hacking due to poor password practices: report

The report indicates poor password practices could largely be due to feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity.

Use of passwords online declining globally, study says

The 2022 Online Authentication Barometer has identified that entering passwords online has dropped by 5% to 9% across all five major use-cases that it tracks -- including accessing financial services, work computers and accounts, social media, streaming services, and smart home devices -- compared to last year.

Report reveals 200 most common passwords of 2021 in PH

Loving and positive words, such as “mahalkita”, “iloveyou”, “iloveu”,”magandaako”, “mahalko”, “lovely” and others were very common.

Survey: 83% think up own passwords, half don’t know how to check if they’ve been hacked

Kaspersky said it is becoming more vital to store passwords securely and look out for possible instances when these credentials could be leaked.

Unique, memorable passwords stronger than constant change: researchers

The risk of being attacked is not reduced by changing passwords, but by making them strong. Further, this strength should be built not on complexity but on uniqueness.

What’s your Password Personality?

Plus: The No. 1 reason why people change their passwords is because they lose them!
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