Monday, May 27, 2024
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Faye Valencia


BPI offers new and improved online, mobile features

BPI recently upgraded its online platform and mobile app.

#FacebookDown, #IGDown: Socmed junkies rant on Twitter

Twitter is the emergency refuge FB and IG junkies.

5 digital spaces your kids should never check out alone

Parents have the power to make sure that kids aren?t harmed in any way when they explore the online world.

New BPI mobile app offers real-time, hassle-free transactions

The new BPI Mobile app's interface is designed to put even the most jittery technophobe at ease.

Christmas App | A Call From Santa Claus!

Years ago, kids were asked to write to Santa Claus. Now, they get to "call" Santa Claus! (Disclaimer: This is for fun. It simulates a convo with Santa, but you won't actually talk to the real Santa...or any of his representatives.)

Hot Button | Beverage company slammed for ‘Bugbog o dignidad?’ FB post

The company's Facebook team turned a sensitive issue into a marketing opportunity.

Viral | Google Christmas ad relives Home Alone

Google launched the holiday-themed ad on December 19.

Crazy Tech Question | Who’s still using the fax machine?

It may take some time before the fax machine "dies."

Top 5 benefits of the BPI EMV Debit Mastercard

Customers are enjoying the added convenience and security of the BPI EMV Debit Mastercard.

Identity Theft | Doctor’s photo hijacked, used to advertise product

Dr. Evita P. Bondoc is one of the latest victims of a brazen form of identity theft.

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