Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Study: People trust robots more than themselves with money

According to a new study by tech giant Oracle and personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased financial anxiety, sadness, and fear among people around the world and has changed who and what they trust to manage their finances.

Study shows robots can extract sensitive info from people who trust them

In certain scenarios, the presence of a robot can have a big impact on people’s willingness to give out access to secure buildings.

Pop Tech | Top 5 robot movies of the ’80s

We pick five of our favorite live action robot flicks.

AI will result in more — not fewer — jobs, IBM’s top PH exec says

More executives of IT companies have come out to say that artificial intelligence (AI) is not going to replace humans in work places with robots.

Dagupan to hold first robotics science fair in November

The collaboration, which aims to inculcate scientific innovation and robotics learning among the kids of Dagupan City and other areas of Pangasinan, was the result of the partnership that started when SEI celebrated the World Space Week in the city in 2011.
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