Friday, June 14, 2024
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Report: AI adoption in Asean could boost salaries up to 36%

A new research from AWS has revealed that when AI is fully harnessed, employers across Asean are willing to pay higher salaries of over 36% for workers with AI skills and expertise, with workers in IT (49%), and research and development (46%) enjoying the highest pay bumps.

Israeli tech gives Pinoy workers access to salary before payday

An Israel-based financial technology (fintech) company is planning to bring the concept of earned wage access (EWA) in the Philippines by early 2022 with an end-to-end solution that banks can offer to corporate clients.

‘Salary barometer’ for Pinoy ICT workers shows demand for specific skills

The study by shows a noticeable 85.63-percent increase in the salary of senior-level Oracle developers from P87,000 in 2018 to P161,500 at present.
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