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Senate bill proposes science, math schools in every province

The bill mandates all provinces in the Philippines which do not have at least one public math and science high school currently operating within their respective geographical boundaries to work with the DepEd to establish at least one public math and science high school within their respective provincial capitals.

After years of digging, UP-led team unveils ‘Homo Luzonensis’

In 2007, Dr. Armand Salvador B. Mijares of UP already noted a new hominid species, which was called “Callao Man” based on a foot bone excavated at Callao Cave. But the recent discovery of the teeth and bones were sufficient to reclassify “Callao Man” as Homo Luzonensis.

Dagupan to hold first robotics science fair in November

The collaboration, which aims to inculcate scientific innovation and robotics learning among the kids of Dagupan City and other areas of Pangasinan, was the result of the partnership that started when SEI celebrated the World Space Week in the city in 2011.

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