Friday, June 14, 2024
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Global study: Pinoy consumers lead in demanding brand transparency in AI use

In a global study conducted by customer engagement platform Twilio, 77% of Filipino consumers want clear information on how their data is used in AI, but only 53% of brands are fulfilling this critical expectation.

Twilio commits to continue focusing on AI-powered customer services

Twilio co-founder and CEO Jeff Lawson said CustomerAI will unlock the power of AI for hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Controversial OpenAI founder sees AI potential in customer personalization

Tech wunderkind Sam Altman, who has been in the news in past few days because of his ouster and purported return at high-profile startup OpenAI, sees the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for customer personalization in various sectors.

Pinoys most comfortable with data sharing across Asia Pacific: study

In the Philippines, consumers are particularly inclined to favor personalized experiences – ranking first in Asia Pacific, along with general receptiveness towards data sharing.

Report says customer patience in Asia remains ‘low’

Globally, 82% of customer engagement leaders met or exceeded their company’s financial goals for 2022, compared to 62% of customer engagement laggards.
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