Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Southstar Drug steps into the future with Huawei’s AirEngine Wi-Fi 6

Southstar Drug needs next-level connectivity for further expansion.

‘Special Wi-Fi Access Teams’ should be part of disaster response, says Recto

Sen. Ralph Recto cited the DICT for deploying what he called a "SWAT or Special Wi-Fi Access Team" to earthquake-hit Batanes, which enabled residents to call worried relatives and rescuers to synchronize their work.

D-Link intros high-res DCS-8000 series for ‘safer homes’

D-Link has brought out two high-resolution Wi-Fi cameras ? the DCS-8000LH and DCS-8100LH ? to affirm the company's customer-first commitment by securing its consumers homes.

Review | D-Link DAP 1620 Wi-Fi extender

The Wi-Fi router has become a staple part of every household and just like any other home equipment, it has limits. The D-Link DAP 1620 Wi-Fi Extender breaks this boundary by stretching the range of your Wi-Fi router to your house?s unreachable areas.
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