Friday, May 24, 2024
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women in tech

Report: PH has widest employment gap in STEM between men & women in Asia Pacific

LinkedIn data found that women in the Philippines comprised 58.8% of the workforce in non-STEM fields but only 36.3% in the STEM workforce.

US gov’t-backed forum tackles gender mobile usage gap in PH

The United States government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), recently led a virtual dialogue on increasing access to digital technology in...

Study reveals learning, dev’t disconnect between women in tech and employers

According to the report, there is a misalignment between the workplace benefits women in tech are seeking and what is currently being provided.

Converge ICT adds women execs to leadership team

The fiber broadband firm has named Christine Renee Blabagno as deputy chief finance officer and lawyer Laurice Esteban-Tuason as corporate compliance officer.

BLOG | How tech companies are empowering women in PH

The pursuit of equality for women is about removing systemic barriers and providing a pathway for women to self-determine and achieve their full potential.

Accenture hits goal of 25% women managing directors, sets new goal of 30% by 2025

Technology titan Accenture announced the promotion of 605 people to managing director, and the appointment by the CEO of 63 people to senior managing director – including a record percentage of women.

Study: Women in poor nations still lack access to mobile Internet

The gender gap in mobile Internet usage remains substantial, with over 300 million fewer women than men accessing the Internet from a mobile device in low- and middle-income countries.

Report: Women severely under-represented in cybersecurity industry

The research found that men outnumber women among IT security leaders. Only a fifth (23%) of respondents, who answered the question about their gender, stated they are women.

WOMEN IN TECH | From market stall to cyberspace

Computer literacy opened a whole new career path for a vendor after her market stall was burned down by a fire.

Technology jobs in PH: Are Filipino women ready?

These four women, once upon a time, were dreamers. Boldly, they ventured into a field of specialization rarely entered by women and became mavericks. Now, having successfully navigated their career paths, they are achievers and leaders in the industry.
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