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YouTube viewers hit over 40 million in PH

There are now more than 40 million unique YouTube viewers in the Philippines each month, as more Filipinos tucked into their homes watching videos on how to be a better plantito or plantita, among other growing niche passions.

ABS-CBN News hits 10M subscribers on YouTube

After being denied of a congressional franchise, ABS-CBN is solidifying its digital transformation with ABS-CBN News now reaching 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

YouTube joins Twitter in fight against Covid-19

The move to create a dedicated section for Covid-19 is widely seen as YouTube’s way to “clear” channels that might be peddling misinformation through the platform.

YouTube Music app makes official debut in PH market

One of the features of the app is its voice-recognition ability to search songs, with the user simply singing the lyrics that they know and the song with matching lyrics will pop up.

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