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To succeed, aspiring vloggers told to be unique, find niche

Succeeding in vlogging — the blog form which is in a form of video — is now difficult because of the too many vloggers who have different themes.

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According to sources, lucky are those who decided to vlog early because the medium wasn’t that saturated yet and not so many are already sick and tired of hard-sell vlog topics that spawned in YouTube and in social media.

“There are too much saturation now. If you really want to succeed in terms of views, you have to be totally unique and different in order to make money,” Jovito Moncada III, an aspiring vlogger from Batangas, told Newsbytes.PH.

He said in order for any vlogger to make at least P25,000 per month, he or she must have one million views, an impossible feat to achieve nowadays.

“A vlogger needs views, not likes, because advertisers that place ads count views and not likes,” Moncada added.

A regular vlog, he said, must be at least eight-minute long, with sane topic and good cameras in order to get good color and lighting.

If you have these elements, you have bigger chance of meeting the minimum requirement to get 1 million views, the Batangueno vlogger said.

The mode of entertainment or infomercial done through vlogging became more popular when the pandemic started in March 2020 because most of the people were stuck in their houses as work-from-home setup was introduced.      

Moncada said a capital is needed in vlogging because the equipment, led by the smartphone, is not cheap.

Based on his perceptions, those who have succeeded recently in vlogging in terms of income are those with food themes like the Chui Show.

“His subject is light and many appreciate it,” he said.

According to reports, today’s top vloggers include Raffy Tulfo, Ivana Alawi, Moto Vlog, Cong TV, Boss Karepa, and Toni Fowler.  


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