Friday, March 1, 2024

Globe warns public of new text scam

Mobile operator Globe Telecom has issued an advisory to alert its postpaid subscribers to take precaution on a new text scam that attracts people by informing them that they can get a discount or be entitled to a rebate on their monthly bill once they text a certain number.

A sample message states: ?GLOBE Postpaid: Congrats! You’re the one selected postpaid plan given P150 discount billing, to get your P150 discount billing just text 150 send to 2916XXXXXXX.?

By adding the number ?2? before the 10-digit cell phone number of the recipient, the unsuspecting subscriber would have done a Share-A-Load transaction, thus the sum of P150 would be transferred or credited to the sending prepaid number.

Globe said subscribers are requested to validate unusual texts and calls especially if they do not come from official four-digit Globe numbers.

?Texts and calls of this nature have a primary motive of asking for personal information, soliciting money or prepaid load, or using your account to purchase items online,? it said.

The carrier added ?it is best not to respond, and immediately report suspicious texts or calls to the following authorized Globe customer service channels:

? Via Talk2Globe hotline at 211, toll-free from any Globe Mobile phone or through landline number (02)730-1000 (toll-free from any Globe landline nationwide)

? Via chat on the Globe website

? Via Facebook

? Via Twitter, send a private message directed to @Talk2GLOBE

? Via SMS, text HELP send to 1234.


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