Monday, May 27, 2024

New system allows Globe pre-paid users to pick own number

Pre-paid users of Globe Telecom will now have the option to choose their own mobile number after the company installed a new network system provided by Colorado-based Evolving Systems.

With the Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) solution, Evolving Systems said Globe will be the first carrier in the Philippines to enable pre-paid subscribers to choose their preferred number, “something that has never been done in the country before”.

However, Sun Cellular, the sister company of Globe’s main rival Smart Communications, has already started a promo in which it allows its pre-paid users to select their own numbers.

The DSA solution, according to Evoving Systems, will also help Globe improve its customer experience for its pre-paid subscribers and manage SIMs inventory more efficiently.

The deployment is part of the ongoing network transformation project of the Ayala-led carrier.

“DSA will help Globe collect data about its customers at the point of activation which will be used to give prepaid subscribers a more customized user experience,” said Evoving Systems.

DSA’s number allocation will also allow Globe to manage its numbers more efficiently and provide greater flexibility in SIM card distribution without the usual costs associated with pre-provisioning, it added.

DSA will be able to detect the type of device being used and tailor the offerings accordingly.

“Globe is in the midst of a company-wide systems and network transformation project, updating or replacing the network, billing and OSS environments. DSA is a critical component of this project and an integral part of our market expansion strategy,” said Peter Bithos, head of consumer business group at Globe Telecom.


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