PLDT: ?Delayed transmissions? not our fault

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Telco giant PLDT issued a statement on Thursday, May 16, saying that its fixed and mobile networks were fully functional throughout the election period amid media reports that ?weak signals? caused the delays in the transmission of poll returns.

?We wish to state that the fixed and mobile networks of PLDT, Smart and Sun Cellular were fully functional throughout the electoral exercise. Transmissions actually sent through our networks were promptly delivered to the COMELEC and PPCRV servers in Manila,? it said.

The company said Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. even declared in his press briefing Wednesday that weak signals were not the major reason for the slow transmission of election returns.

PLDT also pointed out in the May 2010 elections, nearly 80 percent of the election results were successfully transmitted to the central data servers of the Comelec and the PPCRV 12 hours after the polling precincts were closed.

?From a purely telecoms standpoint, there is no reason why a similar, if not better, result should have been achieved in 2013,? it said.

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