Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Batangas City taps PLDT to streamline municipal ICT services

Telecom operator PLDT, through its corporate enterprise arm PLDT Alpha Enterprise, recently signed a deal with the local government of Batangas for ICT-enabled services that will interconnect the provincial capitol to all its government facilities allowing for faster document and requirement processing.

Photo credit: http://trifter.com
Photo credit: http://trifter.com

The deal enables local government with streamlined processes and communication services through the telco?s Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) solutions.

?The City of Batangas can now set up centrally managed processing services such as enterprise applications and enterprise databases that can be easily accessed by any department,? said Batangas City IT consultant Dennis Reyes.

Residents can now dial a single number to connect to any of Batangas City?s various departments, through the hotline — an improvement from previous years when people had to search for different numbers for each department.

The local government looks to end the number of dropped calls going to the City Hall and aims to ease manual processing of constituents? requirements.

Victor Reginald Dimacuha, chief of staff of Mayor Eddie Dimacuha, said: ?If communication is not delayed, then our people?s concerns will be better served. Ang nakikinig, nakakatulong. Pero ang mas mabilis sumagot, mas lalong makakatulong.?

Mayor Dimacuha also hopes that, with the upgrade of the city?s ICT infrastructure, more investors ? both foreign and local ? would be enticed to set up businesses in the city.


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