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Globe: Limited space in online form led to import suspension order

Mobile operator Globe Telecom said the Bureau of Customs (BOC) may be partly to blame for the administrative order it issued that led to the suspension of a total 70 importers and 45 customs brokers.

Included in the list of suspended importers are Globe and IT distributor Nexus Technologies.

Bureau of Customs commissioner John Sevilla
Bureau of Customs commissioner John Sevilla

As early as last week, however, Globe said it has filed a motion for reconsideration through its customs broker REQ Brokerage Services.

Froilan Castelo, Globe general legal counsel, clarified that the issue is a misinterpretation of the BOC administrative order that required brokers to describe imports in detail.

?The issue emanates from the limited number of characters (26 characters) provided in the online form that is supposed to describe the goods imported. This is why we always submit supporting documents as separate attachments because it is impossible to put all item descriptions in the online form,? Castelo said.

Castelo also revealed that all importations of telecom equipment, parts and accessories pass through the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) for the issuance of certificate of import and permit to purchase with supporting documents itemizing all goods to be imported.

Castelo added that Globe secures the Department of Finance (DOF) Endorsement Duty Free Exemptions under RA 7229 where the supporting documents include the NTC import permit and complete shipping documents detailing the imported items.

Ironically, Globe has received commendations from the BOC for its valuable contribution to the agency.

On February 13, 2013, the BOC commended Globe for being the 16th top importer contributing P2 billion to the bureau?s actual cash collection in 2012.

On February 4, 2013, the BOC Port of Manila recognized the company for being the 4th top importer contributing more than P1 billion to the actual collection for the year 2012.


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