Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Streaming is future of music consumption, says Smart

With the cost of smartphones going down, and as mobile networks backed by fiber-optic technology become more robust, streaming music from the cloud will soon become the preferred mode of music consumption among users, according to mobile operator Smart Communications.


“Streaming is without a doubt the future of music consumption, and Smart has already paved the way for Filipinos to enjoy this new way of listening to their favorite songs through services such as Spinnr, the first music-streaming service in the country,” said Charles A. Lim, executive vice president and head of the wireless consumer division at Smart.

Around the world, music streaming is quickly eclipsing traditional ways of consuming music, like downloading digital versions of songs or buying the physical album of an artist.

According to a recent report by the global music trade group the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), revenues from music streaming jumped by 51.3 percent in 2013, signifying a shift in consumer preference toward more convenient and affordable ways of accessing their favorite tunes.

By streaming songs on to their devices, music lovers no longer have to put up with limited storage space on their phones or deal with conversion of files just to listen to the songs of their favorite artists.

“Most users go to video-sharing sites, download the music from there, then convert the file to a format that is compatible with their devices. This method is cumbersome, and prevents users from enjoying the songs that they love instantly,” Lim added.

With the presence of music-streaming services such as Spinnr and Deezer, these inconveniences are quickly eliminated, Lim stressed. All users have to do now is download the app on their phones, search for the song they want to hear, and instantly enjoy their favorite tunes on the go.

Spinnr has not only made music streaming mainstream, but affordable as well. For P2.50 per day or P49 a month, users have unlimited access to millions of tracks from Spinnr’s expanding music catalogue.

“And the good news is Spinnr doesn’t come with additional data charges, so users can listen to their playlists all they want, wherever they are,” Lim added.

Apart from making tunes accessible and convenient, Spinnr also prides itself in bringing the total music experience to everyone by having an active hand in mounting concerts and offering exclusive perks such as the chance for fans to meet and greet their favorite artists.

Available to all 72.5 million Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers, Spinnr also allows charging of subscription to users’ prepaid or postpaid accounts, eliminating the need for a credit card to access digital services such as music streaming.

To get Filipinos started on enjoying songs via music streaming, Spinnr is offering a 15-day free trial to all first-time users of the service. Simply download the app on your Android or iOS phones to sign up for an account.


Earlier, Smart announced an exclusive partnership with global music streaming service Deezer to bring the full breadth of music experience to mobile users in the country through Deezer?s Premium+ service.

With Deezer Premium+, more than 72 million Smart mobile subscribers nationwide will be able to enjoy unlimited Web and mobile access to the most number of music tracks online and offline.

Smart will soon announce streaming rates and promotions with Deezer that both prepaid and postpaid subscribers can enjoy. With the partnership, Smart users will be able to purchase a Deezer Premium+ subscription using only their prepaid or postpaid accounts.


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