Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Ethnic hacktivism surges in Q2

A new report from research firm ABI Research has shown a growing dynamic in politically motivated hacktivism.

While financial cybercrime becomes ever more entrenched through a consolidating demand and supply chain, the report said the hacktivist landscape is more turbulent, vacillating constantly in tandem with geo-political turmoil.

hacktivism q2

As of the second quarter of 2014, the hacktivist threat groups represented on average 47 percent of the more than 200 different groups recorded by ABI Research.

?Hacktivist movements continue to provide high-profile insight into political conflicts and civil liberties debates. While the Anonymous movement has been the catalyst for localized groups to organize cyber-based retaliation mechanisms against regional targets, the latest engagements are focusing on specific ethnic and religious causes as well as the support of interests against perceived enemies of the state and culture,? said Michela Menting, cybersecurity practice director at ABI Research.

Lack of employment opportunities is the primary driver for a young generation maturing in newly-connected developing economies, the report said.

Intelligence collected by ABI Research revealed that many would willingly focus on security and related IT careers were the opportunities available in their home countries.

Ethnic hacktivism is an alluring tangent that is well served by strong national identities and cultural sentiment, the report noted.

?Unfortunately, Web defacement, account hijacking, server breach and data dumps in the name of hacktivism can easily provide a gateway to more serious cybercriminal operations for those without career prospects in which to apply their skill set,? it said.


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