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IBM formally turns over analytics-equipped disaster control hub to DOST

To enable the government to use Big Data and analytics in disaster mitigation, tech giant IBM has formally turned over to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) a new multi-million intelligent operations center to provide a central point of command for disaster management.

IBM Philippines chief Mariels Almeda Winhoffer  (left)  turns over the IOC to DOST sec. Mario Montejo at the PICC on Thursday
IBM Philippines chief Mariels Almeda Winhoffer (left) turns over the IOC to DOST sec. Mario Montejo at the PICC on Thursday

The new center will help the Philippine government better manage ongoing and future disaster response and recovery efforts following Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

The turnover ceremonies was held on Thursday, May 29, at the last leg of the DOST?s ?Iba Na ang Panahon (INAP):Science for Safer Communities? roadshow at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.

The new state-of-the-art facility is located at the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICT Office) building in Diliman, Quezon City. See related story here.

Immediately following the typhoon, IBM donated an ?Impact Grant of technology and services. As part of the grant, IBM delivered the IBM Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) with an Integrated Communications System (ICS) that will facilitate better and more coordinated disaster management efforts with the DOST and across various government agencies.

The integrated solution will pull data from disparate sources into a common view, providing emergency managers with critical information such as advance warning for extreme weather events, feedback from first responders on the number of casualties and affected families, condition of buildings, roads, and infrastructure.

The distributed data sources provide analytics and scenario planning to streamline and integrate the government’s response to disasters. In addition, the solution will enable advanced communications for first responders and emergency personnel.

DOST secretary Mario Montejo said IBM?s grant comes with two years of support, including an IBM-led transition team.

?This will ensure that we have the skills and expertise needed to fully maximize the power of this new technology to make Filipinos safer and more resilient to hazards such as Yolanda,” he said.

Mariels Almeda Winhoffer, president and country general manager of IBM Philippines, said the IBM teams in the US and Philippines recognized both the enormity of the crisis and the opportunity to provide cutting-edge technology.

“These solutions will address the government?s need for better decision-making support and at the same time provide a starting point to better manage future responses,” she said.


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