Thursday, May 23, 2024

Death of print media imminent, says WordPress CEO

There may be no definite date yet but “print media is going away,” according to Matt Mullenweg, co-founder and now CEO of the mainstream blogging platform WordPress.

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg

Mullenweg, who visited the Philippines recently as part of his plan to meet with WordPress communities in different countries, said in an interview that the media business is now on a tremendous unbalanced state especially between online and traditional media such as print, radio, and TV.

“So much amount of [advertising] money is being spent on print and on TV than it is online but more and more attention is now shifting online,” Mullenweg said. “It’s really lopsided.”

Mullenweg said the growing prevalence of mobile computing devices of different shapes and sizes give people more time to consume things and create things.

“Print is going away absolutely,” Mullenweg said. “Now that you can use your phone, and your tablet while the plane is taking off and landing, I almost never wanna buy a magazine anymore.”

Mullenweg, who is also the founder and CEO of Automattic — the company behind and Jetpack — said he is excited more than ever about the future of content because of all the different screen sizes of mobile devices that people have with themselves all day and all night.

“As more and more money comes online, I think it will

enable a new generation of publishers to reinvigorate the existing generation to have new business models,” Mullenweg said.

Prior to the Philippines, Mullenweg met with other WordPress communities in South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, and Japan. It was his third visit in the Philippines, one of the early adopters of WordPress in the early 2000s.

He said about 22 percent of the world’s websites today are powered by WordPress and the company plans to open up this year two new data centers located in Singapore and Hong Kong, and also to hire 150 new employees.

Local carrier Globe Telecom, together with Davao Bloggers president Andrew dela Serna, organized and hosted Mullenweg’s recent visit held at the Globe Tower at the Bonifacio Global City.

Over 120 members of the local WordPress community composed of bloggers, developers, designers, and WorsPress enthusiasts, gathered to learn more about Mullenweg’s expertise on Web technology and online publishing, including his philosophy of giving more people access to publishing and blogging through the use of open-source software.


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