Author: Tom Noda

PH leads Asean region in ‘advanced persistent threat,’ firm says

Although the Philippines topped the SEA region in having APT activities, it only ranked fifth among the ten APJ countries included in the report. Unlike other cyberattacks, APT bypass traditional defenses like firewalls, next-generation firewalls, IPS, anti-virus, and security gateways.

Autodesk PH raring to exploit 3D design market

After a fruitful 2013 in which it was able to clinch major milestones, the local office of software maker Autodesk is now eager to capitalize on the booming 3D design market in the country.

IBM rolls out new cloud-optimized servers for PH biz

With the local market for cloud and analytics steadily climbing, IBM has officially rolled out in the Philippines the sixth iteration of its enterprise X-Architecture for System x and PureSystems servers.

In ‘PC Plus’ era, Lenovo still bent on making PCs

Lenovo executives in the Philippines said that while products in the “PC Plus” era such as smartphones, phablets and tablets continue to outnumber personal computers, the China-based company is bent on protecting its PC production.

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