Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Thai company gobbles up Anino Games

Bangkok-based Pocket PlayLab has announced the acquisition of local animation firm Anino Games to achieve its goal of producing more casual games on all platforms.


“Anino Games will not only help us in reaching our regional expansion plans faster, their experienced team will also be an incredible asset to our future growth and assist in our positioning as SEA’s most prominent mobile game developer,” said Thomas Andreasen, co-founder of Pocket PlayLab.

With more than 60-plus games tucked under its belt, Anino Games has established itself as a top gaming developer in the Philippines.

Anino Games, which has roots dating back to 2002, has developed games for desktop, mobile devices, and Web platforms with titles such as Manila Rush, Sago Express, and Grave Mania.

“Being part of Pocket PlayLab means that from developing games for other companies, we will be able to focus instead on creating new original properties which we hope will become the hits of the future. Definitely an exciting time for our studio,” added Niel Dagondon, CEO of Anino Games.

No financial terms were disclosed. Pocket Playlab will now operate in the Philippines under the new name Anino Playlab.

?It was important for us to keep the history and goodwill of Anino Games in the local game development community, which is why we decided to keep the Anino (meaning shadow) as part of the transition. And with their great team backing up around this, we?re confident that we now also can call us the number 1 games company in the Philippines,? said Jakob Lykkegaard Pedersen, co-founder of Pocket Playlab.


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