Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Microsoft unveils cloud-based CRM for PH customers

Software giant Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in the Philippines in a bid to entice new customers who are looking for cloud-based solutions.

Microsoft Asia Pacific Dynamics lead Michael Strand during the launch event
Microsoft Asia Pacific Dynamics lead Michael Strand during the launch event

The company said Dynamics CRM Online offers cloud power services that help business of all sizes gain insight on customer behavior, along with service capabilities that integrate Microsoft?s productivity applications such as Office 365 and Windows Azure.

?Today, we live in the era of the customer. The way people buy things, interact with companies and the way they behave has also changed in the most profound way,? explained Karrie Ilagan, Microsoft Philippines general manager.

?Customers and consumers are much more in control than they ever were of the relationship that they have between themselves and the companies that they do business with. Technology, the availability and wide adoption of different devices, and social media have made an indelible impact on people?s behavior.?

?Now interestingly, if a customer is not happy, the vast majority, or 96 percent, will not complain, 91 percent will simply leave, while 70 percent of a customer?s buying experience depends largely on how the customers feels about the company they?re buying from. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows marketers and salespeople to have a better understanding of what the customer wants and respond accordingly,? added Ilagan.

Microsoft said CRM Online delivers social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management which altogether enable organizations to gain accessible but powerful insights that will help business market smarter, sell more effectively, and deliver better customer service.

CRM Online, it said, enables organizations to relevant, personalized service at any time and via any channel– Web, social, chat, and mobile among others.

As it is hosted on the cloud, CRM Online offers mobile CRM apps and platforms that enable organizations to manage customer relationships on mobile devices, along with tools that integrate data and reporting from social media directly from their CRM application.

In 2012, Microsoft introduced Windows Azure to the Philippines, which provides the cloud platform on which a number of cloud infrastructure and platform services are built.?Then in 2013, the company launched Office 365 which provides the productivity experience both in the cloud and on-premise, on any device.

Apart from the ubiquitous Microsoft Office, it also offers email, file sharing, communication and collaboration with products like Skype, Outlook, and OneDrive.?These three solutions ? Windows Azure, Office 365, and now, CRM Online ? comprise the Microsoft Cloud for Business.

CRM Online completes the Microsoft Cloud for Business proposition by delivering a unified cloud offering, from platform to productivity and business application through the following:

? An open and flexible Cloud Platform that provides data and infrastructure services that enable applications to be built, managed and deployed quickly along with proactive insights and predictive analytics

? A Cloud Productivity suite, which, delivers the cloud tools people need to be productive in a digital world, unlock insights on any data, and connect and collaborate through enterprise social capabilities

? And customer-centric SaaS Business Apps including cloud-based CRM that helps organizations better engage with customers through sales productivity, smarter marketing, and personalized customer service.

?Microsoft CRM Online, together with Office, 365, and Windows Azure, provides organizations with a complete array of enterprise-grade solutions with the global reach, scale, to support their businesses? demand,? said Ilagan.


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