Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Oracle previews mobile app accelerator for mobile cloud service

Oracle has announced the preview of Mobile Application Accelerator, a new capability in Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.

The Mobile Application Accelerator is a cloud-based offering that brings mobile application development capabilities to professionals with no previous software development experience.

oracle app accelerator

With the accelerator, program managers, power users, and business professionals can develop mobile applications quickly and visually through their Web browser.

Previewed at Oracle OpenWorld, Mobile Application Accelerator enables non-technical staff to build their own mobile applications.

It allows users with no coding experience to rapidly and intuitively produce mobile applications without coding. It also provides an instant, live view of the application even while editing, without requiring the typical development and release cycles. No deployment step is required.

The new mobile capability allows users to develop secure, user friendly, and engaging mobile applications that run on both iOS and Android phones and tablets by leveraging Oracle Mobile Application Framework and Oracle Mobile Cloud, part of the Oracle Cloud.

The Mobile Application Accelerator development environment offers the ability to develop mobile applications from both desktops and mobile devices without the need to install mobile development environments.

By giving new classes of professionals the power to create mobile applications, the accelerator reduces users? increasing demands on IT for mobile access to data and processes.

Based on a set of best practices for UI design, the Mobile Application Accelerator makes it possible for users to create mobile applications leveraging multiple page templates and connect them to various back-end systems with Oracle Mobile Cloud.

Developers can use Oracle Mobile Application Framework to further enhance mobile applications created with Mobile Application Accelerator. This capability provides continuity of development tools and framework between power users and developers and increases collaboration.

“Oracle?s Mobile Application Accelerator significantly reduces the complexity of mobile application development, giving business users the ability to quickly develop their own mobile applications,? said Chris Tonas, vice president for mobility and development tools at Oracle.

?By delivering Mobile Application Accelerator via Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle is eliminating the need to configure desktop development environments, enabling rapid development and deployment of mobile solutions by new categories of professionals.?


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