Tuesday, March 5, 2024

New vulnerability has ability to take control of Internet routers

Internet security firm Check Point Software has released its findings of Misfortune Cookie, a critical vulnerability that allows an intruder to remotely take over a residential gateway device and use it to attack the devices connected to it.

misfortune cookie

Researchers in Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Group uncovered a vulnerability present on millions of residential gateway devices from different models and makers.

It has been assigned the CVE-2014-9222 identifier. The severe vulnerability allows an attacker to remotely take over a gateway device with administrative privileges.

To date, researchers have distinctly detected at least 12 million readily exploitable devices connected to the Internet across the globe, making this one of the most widespread vulnerabilities revealed in recent years.

Key findings:

? If undiscovered, an attacker could take control of millions of routers around the world, and use that access to control and steal data from the wired and wireless devices connected to the network.

? The affected software is the embedded Web server RomPager from AllegroSoft, which is typically embedded in the firmware released with devices.

“Misfortune Cookie is a serious vulnerability present in millions of homes and small businesses around the world, and if left undetected and unguarded, could allow hackers to not only steal personal data, but control peoples’ homes,” said Shahar Tal, malware and vulnerability research manager at Check Point Software Technologies.


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