Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Worried about ill effects of mobile signals? Use this app guide for electromagnetic fields

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has launched a new mobile application that provides a guide to electromagnetic fields (EMF), which have raised public health concerns as a country?s mobile network infrastructure expands.


The mobile app, ?EMF Guide,? was launched at an ?ITU Forum on Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields? in Kochi, India, on Dec. 15.

The new app, especially developed by experts working at the ITU for smart phones, tablets and desktops, offers an introduction to EMF and their relationship with health, as well as the various internationally agreed guidelines and standards designed to ensure safety in the use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies.

A version will be available on app stores in 2015.

?The application of technical best practices and standards to safeguard public health must be matched by communication with the public to increase the transparency of regulators and operators? actions in this domain,? said ITU secretary-general Hamadoun I. Tour? in a message.

?The launch of this new mobile app will be effective in increasing public understanding of EMF, and help address citizens? concerns.?

The ITU studies EMF issues and the resulting standards give operators, manufacturers and government agencies the tools required to assess the EMF levels attributable to telecommunication and radio-communication systems and to verify compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) recommended human-exposure guidelines, or more stringent national requirements where they exist.

The Kochi meeting also approved a technical report on EMF considerations in smart sustainable cities that aims to promote good policy and practice in the deployment of ICT.


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