Saturday, May 25, 2024

MasterCard?s ?hackathon? next stop is Singapore

MasterCard has announced that it will hold its next ?MasterCard Masters of Code? in Singapore after holding the event in Australia.

SG mastercard

The credit card operator said the competition aims to search for the best coders in the world in Singapore during the contest on March 28 and March 29.

Masters of Code invites Singapore?s best developers and entrepreneurs to vie for a chance at the $100,000 grand prize.

The third of ten hackathons in the year-long series, the Singapore installment will ask developers to create the best commerce experience but with also a special focus on women in technology.

Gender diversity in the composition of the teams will create bonus points during the judging process.

MasterCard said the event will challenge the best and brightest of Singapore?s developers and entrepreneurs to create the next big thing and have a chance at competing against master coders from across the globe in the Grand Finale Masters of Code Hackathon in Silicon Valley in December.

Sponsored and hosted by MasterCard and organized by AngelHack, Masters of Code has one goal: to bring together the world?s top developers, designers and entrepreneurs to take on the MasterCard APIs to build the future of commerce.

Using these APIs, developers will have access to unsurpassed assets, data insights, services and products from MasterCard that are focused on powering commerce on a global scale. The participating teams at this event will compete with a focus towards driving the next generation of commerce applications in Singapore and globally.

Singapore?s tech startup sector is primed for success ? supported by the country?s pro-business policies and high education standards. In fact, in just ten years, the number of active start-ups in Singapore has grown by 80% to more than 40,000, according to Spring Singapore.


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