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Ax falls on Yahoo Philippines editorial team

Fallen Internet star Yahoo is dissolving its entire editorial team in the Philippines as part of the company’s sweeping restructuring program across Asia and Europe.

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The sad news was relayed to the Internet firm’s editorial staff on Wednesday, Feb. 25, according to a tweet by an outgoing Yahoo Philippines staff member.

But, the Yahoo employee clarified that Silicon Valley giant would still have an office in the country. The staff, however, will now be composed presumably of marketing and sales professionals.

Ces Rodriguez, the entertainment editor of Yahoo Philippines, also confirmed the dissolution of the editorial team in her Facebook wall.

It is not clear how many employees are being affected by the move since Yahoo and its local subsidiary have yet to officially issue a formal statement regarding the lay-offs.

Yahoo Philippines opened six years ago with ex-Oracle Philippines veteran Jojo Anonuevo as its first country manager. It later on recruited former tech journalist Erwin Oliva, who served as the site’s first country editor.

When Oliva left about three years later, public relations executive Kate delos Reyes assumed the concurrent role of country manager and country editor.

The decision to scrap the editorial team means that the company will no longer produce original content and will return to its roots as a news or content aggregator.

This model – a producer of content while at the same time collating content from other sources – confused many in the journalism industry who argued that Yahoo was competing with its content partners.

story carried by tech blog Techcruch said Yahoo is laying off a huge number of people in Asia and Europe as it implements a new strategy to focus on the US market.


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