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Huawei PH, STI sign broad deal on lab equipment, educational collaboration

The enterprise group of the local subsidiary of Chinese tech firm Huawei and technology school STI has entered into a broad partnership that will see the two companies collaborate in developing the skills and training of STI students in the ICT industry.

STI president Monico Jacob (right) and Huawei PH chief exec Gao Kexin seal the partnership with a handshake
STI president Monico Jacob (right) and Huawei PH chief exec Gao Kexin seal the partnership with a handshake

The partnership was made official on Wednesday, March 25, through a formal signing event attended by top Huawei Philippines and STI officials at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City.

Under the deal, Huawei will be providing content from the ICT industry that will be integrated into STI?s curriculum for ICT programs.

It will also hold training sessions for STI?s faculty members, as well as for STI students through internship programs. It will also grant STI with company certifications and accreditation, and make Huawei equipment and devices available for use in STI classrooms and laboratories.

Students will also be given an edge in seeking employment opportunities with Huawei through STI?s Interactive Career Assistance & Recruitment System (I-CARES) where the company?s job postings will be available.

Furthermore, STI and Huawei will also be working together in building the STI-Huawei Innovation Center for new ICT systems, applications, and products.

?Huawei Enterprise BG (business group) is working with its partners to bring world-class ICT products and solutions to the educational the sector. This cooperation will also serve as a venue for us to share with the Philippine enterprise market how our products and services can benefit them and be an enabler of business growth,? said Gao Kexin, chief executive officer of Huawei Philippines.

On the other hand, STI president Monico V. Jacob said the cooperation agreement will bring new opportunities for learning to STI students and give them the tools that will prepare them for a successful job in the ICT sector.

?Hands-on education is part of our students? holistic training for the industries they will work for and it is especially advantageous for our ICT students to experience this with a world-wide company as Huawei,? Jacob said.


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