Saturday, March 2, 2024 snags 15 millionth registered member

Online jobs platform reported that it has received its 15 millionth registered member. The milestone, which was reached just at the end of first quarter this year, further sets the pace of a stellar year for, the firm said.


?The year 2015 is promising to be a truly historic year for, now with 15 million users and more than 7.4 million projects posted on, worth over $2.2 billion,? said Matt Barrie, company CEO. assists small businesses and freelancers, of whicc 74% of which are from the ?millennial? generation.

India, the US, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, UK, Bangladesh, Brazil, Australia, and Canada are the top ten countries on the platform, a mix of developed and developing countries.

About 25% of the userbase are self employed business owners, 21% identify themselves as freelance professionals, 19% as students, and 22% as full time employees. 45% of professionals on the platform possess a bachelor?s degree, while 21% have a master?s degree.

The platform serves a helpful tool to empower Filipino professionals: of over 300,000 users polled by from around the globe, 68% joined to earn extra money.

Also, 25% of users polled said they were using Freelancer to start a new full-time business and 19% to start a business part-time. Of freelancers, 29% said they wished to gain skills in a desired field and 25% said they used the platform to earn an income while studying.


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