Friday, March 1, 2024

Carmudi redesigns app to woo automobile sellers

The Carmudi Android app, which facilitates the buying and selling of vehicles online, has been redesigned.

For starters, Carmudi updated their language support through improved translations for Arabic, French, Bahasa, Vietnamese, and more.


The app has also become more social by enabling users to send listings to friends and family and ask for opinions on listings they are interested in.

The new version of the app delivers a brand new look and feel through major UI improvements that’s still reminiscent of the native Android design.

The Android app is designed to work seamlessly in countries with relatively slow internet connection, meaning users in those countries will still be able to browse through cars with top speed and the same quality performance as those in countries with faster connection.

With its Google Map support, users can navigate their way to the car dealer using their preferred GPS app.

Moreover, sellers get prompt notifications whenever a potential buyer is interested and sends them a message. Buyers also get notified when a new product is uploaded onto the app, based on the criteria of their saved searches. This way, sellers and buyers can get in touch immediately and can rest assured that the communication remains consistent throughout the entire process.


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