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Online car platform Carmudi launches road safety academy in Cebu

Online car platform Carmudi has launched the Carmudi Academy for Road Safety (CARS), a program designed to create awareness and help educate college students about road safety.

Kris Lim, head of PR and marketing of Carmudi Philippines,  speaking during the launch
Kris Lim, head of PR and marketing of Carmudi Philippines, speaking during the launch

Held at Cebu Doctors’ University in Mandaue, Cebu, the program focuses on three aspects which young drivers, commuters, and pedestrians need to have — right knowledge, right skills, and right attitude.

These three components are important to continue and spread road safety awareness, said Kris Lim, head of PR and marketing of Carmudi Philippines, during the program?s launch.

Lim shared insights about the stunning figures of road accidents in the country, explaining that drivers, pedestrians, and commuters lack the basic understanding of road signs, markings, traffic rules and regulations. Moreover, a lot of drivers seem to have insufficient defensive driving skills and exhibit unruly behavior on the road.

While waiting for a proposal to include road safety education as a curriculum in schools and universities, Carmudi has started the program to provide a refresher course and additional knowledge to their target areas to beef up drivers at an early age.

In 2014, members of the House of Representatives filed House Bill 4160 (of Representatives Rufus and Maximo Rodriguez) to include road safety curriculum at the elementary and secondary learning institutions. On the other hand, Senate has received a similar proposal (Senate Bill 1231 filed by Senator Grace Poe) in November 2016.

The program’s inauguration in Cebu was participated in by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), a constant partner of Carmudi Philippines in its road safety efforts.

During the event, the national auto club — through its AAP advocacies manager Cynthia Reyes — provided the participants an overview of the Republic Act 4136 (the Land Transportation and Traffic Code) and showed scenarios which result in road crashes. The AAP also assisted in reproducing copies of the code that were distributed to the program’s participants.

Reyes said that the AAP is looking forward to future collaborations with Carmudi, which has shared their commitment in making roads safer.

“We are happy with the partnership that we have established with Carmudi who has been continuously making efforts to teach the public about traffic discipline and road safety. We hope to continue this proactive collaboration with Carmudi as we share a firm commitment to safer roads throughout the country,” Reyes said.

Besides AAP, Carmudi Philippines also invited Cebu Road Heroes (CRH) as road safety partner to present the latest road crash scenarios that have taken place in their areas.

Prior to CARS, Carmudi Philippines has been advocating road safety efforts in the country. Late last year, Carmudi made their debut corporate social responsibility program in Taguig, successfully made in partnership with Turbo Zone. The event was concluded with hundreds of students in attendance.

Meanwhile, Carmudi Philippines chief operating officer Cholo Syquia expressed optimism on their current efforts, saying that they are looking forward to safer roads sooner than they expect.


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