Monday, May 27, 2024

Pinoy mobile developer unveils new food game

From the makers of Streetfood Tycon comes a new food game called Warriors of Nom Nom, a real-time online multiplayer food tapping game where players will be thrown into a vibrant food-eating battleground.

warriors of nom nom

Players can duke it out in an eating competition by tapping to consume their food faster than his opponent.

Each of the six characters in the game has its own advantages, keeping each battle fresh. The wide array of character skills makes each competition mysterious, as each player will never know which skills his or her opponent will bring to the table.

Players can select power-ups at the beginning of each match, customizing each bag of tricks for each competition. To increase chances at victory, players must strategically choose their character and power-ups to counter what they think his opponent might pick.

To gain further advantage, players can also stack the deck in their favor by earning or buying tokens, which allow a player get booster packs of collectable cards that can either enhance his character’s stats or affect his opponents.

Erick Garayblas, the founder of Kuyi Mobile, said having worked on clicker-style games previously, he wanted to introduce the online multiplayer aspect to his games, allowing players to engage and interact with their friends around the globe.

For the creation of Warriors of Nom Nom, Garayblas set out to make a game where players could go head-to-head with their friends in fierce and fun competition, with the combined strategy of power-ups, character choices, and tapping style.

Game features

  • Six different characters to choose from, each offering a different play style
  • Includes 36 collectible power-up cards
  • 12 different dishes to devour
  • Multiplayer matchmaking and ladder ranking
  • Guaranteed fun for the entire family
  • Available for iOS and Android


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